A team with over 50 years of experience in monitoring

Dr Stephane Mery, CEO

Stephane has lead the management buy-in of BARS by Contronics early 2017. Stephane is Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, a Veterinary Pathologist, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Craig Hallett, Business Development Director

Craig has worked with Contronics for a year. Prior to this, he has been working with suppliers, government bodies and care organizations to deliver integrated care models & managed services across primary, secondary and community care.

Craig is responsible for expanding Contronics’ commercial engagements and managed services within the hospitals and private sector.

Paul Flood, Operations Director

Paul has been C.O.O of Contronics for 14 years. Prior to this, he was an avionic engineer with various contracting position at Siemens amongst others.

Paul is in charge of the day-to-day operations, responsible for both the manufacturing process as well as the customers interactions (maintenance, customer support and sales support).

Stuart Lea, Research Director

Stuart has been with Contronics for 16 years. Before, he was a university lecturer in logic design and digital technique. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering.

Stuart is in charge of designing and implementing new products & new versions, both on the hardware and the software sides.

Vernon Dunford,  Software Engineer

Vernon is one of the founders and developers of BARS.  He has been working on the system for the past 10 years and has been responsible for including customers’ input over the various version of the software.

Vernon is in charge of customer interactions and advise on new software generation development.

Trevor Lilleman, Software Engineer

Trevor is one of the founders and developers of BARS. He was the lead programmer of the system.

Trevor is in charge of  new generation system development.

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