Contronics and Fordman Systems Join Forces

July 2017 – Fordman Systems Limited, the company behind the development of BARS has been acquired by Contronics Ltd to create a leader in blood transfusion monitoring.

Contronics is one of the UK leaders in laboratory monitoring systems, whilst Fordman is the UK’s pioneer in blood tracking systems with its solution called BARS (Blood Audit and Release System). Together Contronics/BARS offer a remarkable solution to all transfusion departments, combining the ability to deliver the correct blood unit to the correct patient, whilst ensuring it has been kept in the most advantageous conditions.

The Contronics’ fridge temperature monitoring systems is linked to the BARS fridge control unit, ensuring that all information related to the blood bags (blood characteristic as well as audit trail on its storage conditions) is located at the same place, monitored through state-of-the-art technology and under the latest accreditation requirements (e.g. Contronics system is calibrated under UKAS17025 accreditation).