BARS’ blood tracking system is the pioneer in the UK
It is constantly being improved based on customer needs

BARS is part of Contronics’ suite of laboratory solutions

Tracking blood since 1999

BARS blood tracking system is a fully encompassing blood release system, with secure stock management, reporting and audit solution from bench to bedside. It is:

  • Customer focus: System has evolved through 18 years of customer input

  • Cost Effective: BARS is designed to be affordable for private hospitals & the NHS

  • Encompassing: BARS integrates Contronics Fridge Temperature Monitoring System (UKAS 17025)

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Electronic Blood Release

BARS releases blood bags on a pre-checked basis which ensures a slick and cost effective process

Cross-Matched Blood Release

BARS can release blood bags on a dedicated patient basis.

Coupled with Temperature Monitoring

BARS integrate Contronics’ state of the art temperature monitoring system.


Transfusions Demand Professionalism

Blood transfusion can kill, if done wrongly. The main transfusion hazard is the risk of blood mis-allocation between the point of collection and the bedside transfusion.

Today, blood tracking systems has made transfusion safer but avoidable fatalities still occur because of the wrong blood given to the wrong patients. The latest 2015 SHOT report indicates: 1 for 100,000 transfusions!


Blood components transfusions year to date in UK

Why work with BARS / Contronics

Strong customer services & peace of mind

Contronics has built its success on the quality of its site engineers and the ruggedization of its products. We are committed to resolving issues immediately and with the upmost professionalism. When you call us, you will speak directly with an experienced application specialist or, if necessary, with the hardware and software engineers who designed the product.

Cost effective solutions

The health sector is currently facing a severe funding squeeze. We are committed to giving you a very cost effective solution without any compromise on reliability.

User friendly

The blood tracking system is simple to use and requires only minimal training as it is based on a series of barcode scans to access information or blood product.

Fool-proof audit trail

We are acutely aware of your responsibilities when you select a supplier to install a new blood tracking system.  As part of the installation and commissioning procedure we generate a comprehensive package of Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) documentation containing everything you need for your regulator’s inspection visit.  ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR part 11, N3 compliant


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